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Puregym Huntingdon, The Best Local Gym Near Me

Puregym is a United Kingdom-based chain of fitness clubs that started in Leeds. Spread across the UK, it is currently the largest health chain in Britain with over 450,000 registered members. The organisation has envisioned having at least 300 sports centres by the year 2020. They are well on track for this. As of May 2015, they had accumulated 141 locations spread out over the UK, having purchased all establishments belonging to their rivals LA Fitness. When looking for a gym near me Huntingdon Pure-Gym are the one.

They are currently at a little more than 170 centres, and the number is expected to grow bigger still. Pure Gym has been in the industry since 2009 when the company was founded by entrepreneur Peter Roberts. As such they are well conversant in the industry, providing expert services to suit all kinds of clients.

Nearly all of their health centres have every piece of equipment you may require.

There are treadmills and fixed bicycles for cardio exercises. They also stock weights, both fixed and free for those looking for that buff muscle tone. Not even those seeking for body weight workouts are left out. There are entire spacious sections set aside for these activities. The fitness instructors are high-level professionals, and their classes are pure bliss.

The Pure-Gym ambassador, renowned athlete Chris Hoy, is the truest image of what PureGym brings to the table. Client satisfaction and success is the main objective of the entire Pure Gym community. Everybody is encouraging and supportive. When training you will never lack a word of encouragement whenever your workout schedule seems to overwhelm you or you feel like giving up.

Pure Gym Open 24/7, No Contract And Low Cost

PureGym in Huntingdon is just about the best deal you will find in the UK. They have a more-than-friendly payment plan that will just blow your mind. A monthly subscription goes for £14.99. How good is that? Operating 24 hours a day, you are free to get yourself in shape at any time of day or night at a Pure Gym near you.

What's more, the outlets do not close on any day of the year. They give you the right to drop by whenever you feel like. Also, they have an offer for student memberships, where the student receives a discount of up to 20% on the subscription fee. To qualify for this offer, one is required to be a UNIDAYS member. The deal gets better. Still, There is no contract when signing up for membership.

This implies that you can stop your membership whenever you feel like. You do not have to wait for a certain period so that you can terminate your membership like most health centres require. To add sauce to the meal, you are not required to go to the fitness centre itself to register or cancel membership. It's all at the touch of a button, through their interactive free mobile app or the official website.

Looking For Pure-Gym Promo Codes 2017

Pure Gym offers some juicy offers now and then. The offers range from a reduced membership fee to a whole month free subscription to even gift vouchers. They have promotional codes used for these offers. A couple of coupon websites that have the list of promo codes in use currently.

The top rating ones are and

On these websites, you could subscribe to get promo codes to your email once they released or just check the sites regularly to see if there are any promotions ongoing that attract you. You could also check out their website, where they advertise how you can come across some of the promo codes, for instance, they could dispatch some of them at the desk in certain outlets.

Also, be keen on their social media accounts. They are known to post the promo codes as tweets to advertise themselves. The codes broadcasted by PureGym are the most advisable to use since they are from the most credible of sources. You should, however, be on you toe tips when dealing with the promo codes as a code can only be used a limited number times before it expires, and in most cases, they are finished in a heartbeat.

Once you get the code, copy it and deliver it at the reception of your PureGym or paste it in their online portal, and claim what is rightfully yours.

How to get a PureGym free day pass

PureGym also runs offers where they allow you an entire day or days free workout at their weight lifting studio. The day-passes are redeemable at all branches but must be redeemed on the indicated date if any. For instance, for a more-than-one-day pass, the days your want to be redeemed have to be consecutive. This is according to PureGyms terms and conditions.

With a free day pass, you can choose any program you wish to undertake. You have access to every facility in the fitness room. Free day passes are found at the same sources as the promo codes. The voucher websites have links to get you a PureGym day pas. PureGym sometimes uses its Twitter and Facebook accounts to give away day pass to people, and you could try your fortune by just simply asking for a day pass. Yes. It is common PureGym to give out a free day pass to a client who plainly asked for one in a tweet.

Find a gym locator for a gym near me in Huntingdon they are scattered all throughout the UK, chances are high that you will find a PureGym branch near where you live. As they do with all other things, PureGyms have made finding your nearest outlet easy as counting to five. You can find your nearest PureGym centre through their beautifully organised website, Here they have grouped the gyms by a city, and the only thing left for you to do is

As they are scattered all throughout the UK, chances are high that you will find a Pure-Gym branch near where you live. As they do with all other things, Pure Gyms have made finding your nearest outlet easy as counting to five. You can find your nearest PureGym centre through their beautifully organised website

Here they have grouped the gyms by a city, and the only thing left for you to do to check which city you wish to work out in and click on it to view the details about the various Pure Gym gyms in that city. As if that wasn't easy enough, they have provided an alternative where you just type then name or postcode of the town nearest to where you are and map showing all nearby Pure-Gym gyms will materialise.

From there you just need to select your gym and carry on with the registration process all from your device. Another way you can find a gym near you is through the myPureGym app. This app has many very interesting and useful features, among them, being the ability to search for the gym nearest you. MyPureGym app also allows you to make registrations or cancel your subscription without needing to go to the gym.

Introducing the myPureGym app.

Well, this isn't an introduction as I have mentioned the app earlier in the article, but I would ask you to just go with the flow. The app is designed by Pure Gym to make it easier to make transactions with the gym without necessitating physical contact with the gym personnel. The app is one hundred percent free and is available on Google Play store and Apple Apps store. This allows mobile device users to enjoy the benefits of online transactions with PureGym, without needing to log into their website. The app makes being a member of the gym a lot easier and convenient. In addition to the gym location feature, the client can use the application to do the following:

Book classes

Invite friends

Check membership status

Pay fees

Get assistance through the help centre

Hints and tips from pros

Instruction videos

How Regular Exercise At Your Local Gymnasium Can Extend Your Life And Make You Feel Great

Do you ever wonder why huge numbers of people put themselves through extremely gruelling exercises and push their bodies to the extremes all in the name of fitness and health? Well, theirs isn't a lost cause. Fitness is actually among the crown factors that good health relies on. Failure to do any form of exercise could lead to sickness and even death if not taken seriously. Lack of exercise could lead to malfunctioning of the heart and lungs. Stiff joints and muscle wasting are a common sigh of insufficient workouts. There are many benefits associated with regular exercises.

Benefits of regular exercising:

  1. Exercise is directly associated with weight loss and burning off extra calories. This greatly reduces the risk of getting heart diseases or high blood pressure which is caused by bad cholesterol. Exercising reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and increases the amount of good cholesterol. Through exercising, you can keep a range of diseases at bay, including some forms of arthritis, cancer, and diabetes.

  2. Cutting back on weight also has its benefits, such as reducing the strain on the leg muscles, to make them be stronger for longer.

  3. Regular workouts at the gym will go a long way in helping you build stamina. You will no longer get gassed pulling the vacuum cleaner up and down the living room. Your muscles develop strength and endurance that allow you to take part in more activities without getting tired.

  4. Believe it or not, exercising helps improve your mood. Having a cloud over your head? Just hit the local gym and watch the cloud dissipate. It has been scientifically proven that during exercising, the brain releases the hormone oxytocin which is responsible for pleasure and relaxation.

  5. Working out causes you to sleep better. Yes. The tiredness you feel after a workout will make your sleep deeper and more enjoyable.

  6. Exercising is a good way of detoxifying your body. The sweat generated during exercise is excreted together with loads of other chemical wastes from the body, that would have otherwise remained in your systems.

  7. Need help keeping up with the recommended daily water consumption you need to meet exercise. Exercise will make you thirsty because of all the sweating and assimilation of water into the cells. This is a cheat to making you reach the recommended eight glasses of water a day.

  8. Going to the gym could be so instrumental in building your social life. You get to interact with fellow like minded people and generally have a good time. It is said that the bottom line of human desires is a connection. You mingle with other people, and you never know who you may stumble upon, perhaps your soulmate? Perhaps your business partner? Who knows?

  9. Working out builds your self-esteem. When you've done your exercises, and your belly is flat, or your muscles are bulging you definitely feel better about yourself. This boosts your confidence, allowing you to trump over any challenges that life decides to toss your way.

  10. The good looks and high confidence levels give a boost to the sex life of the regular exercise. Increased physical energy and stamina will make the sexual experience better. Men who exercise regularly have lower chances of getting erectile dysfunction issues that those who don't work out.

As you can see, exercising is an amazing way to keep your health in check as well as maintain a happily prolonged life. Regular exercising is highly encouraged among people of all ages. You can choose which type of exercises to do, whether cardio or muscular or any other that you may desire. It is however advised to keep a balance of all the forms of exercising. You could do hard muscle workouts on one day then some soft cardio it aerobics on the next.

Rest is very important in exercising and should be well incorporated into every exercise program you make.

Also, consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program, and get their approval first. You will not regret the wholesome experience you get.

When all these are done, get a good gym with state of the art equipment and services, and what better place than one of the Pure-Gym branches in Huntingdon









  • Low Carb High Fat Diet

    What LCHF?

    LCHF is short for Low Carb High Fat and expresses that eating a diet containing few carbohydrates and fat. Actually, one can say that it has reversed diet pyramid upside down, since it has waved goodbye to all grain products and starchy potatoes and of course sugar.

    I also wrote a little guide to how to get started with LCHF. It can be read here: Getting Started with LCHF

    But what should you eat so on LCHF?

    The principles are pretty simple. Instead of a grain-based diet you eat at LCHF his fill in:

    Plenty of vegetables, like the majority of them, which grows above ground

    Meat, poultry, game, fish and eggs. Eat fatty cuts and eat like the fat side of the meat or skin of the chicken. Select all meat from animals that been on grass (organic or free-range) for a better fatty acid composition and animal welfare

    Natural fat as well organic butter (not a blend), good olive oil, coconut oil (in glass from health foods, not palm oil from cooling disk)

    Fat dairy products such as cream, fatty cheeses, sour cream 38%, Greek yogurt 10%

    A bit nuts and berries

    Drinks: Water, Danish water, coffee, tea. Are you tired of water to see these delicious ideas: Pimp your water

    If you are not as strict, invites you also a little root vegetables and fruit inside. I do this include Read more here: What Does LCHF really? and read also: Fruits and LCHF

    When eating this way you find out how little you actually need pasta with meat sauce or bread around the burger.

    Also read: LCHF 2.0 my superiors maxims

    Well then you eat the saturated fat !! Is not that dangerous?

    When you cut the major carbohydrate sources, it is important to increase at any other energising. And contrary to popular belief, this is not protein. No, its cool. Naturally fat, naturally. This means that the much-maligned saturated fats from animals and coconut products again is in the heat, and it is also okay to eat eggs daily. So welcome to the good, old-churned butter, fat coconut milk, cream and fatty cheeses. The clash with the saturated fat and cholesterol myth is clearly the most controversial in LCHF.

    When eating few carbohydrates and more fat, get fat another metabolic function in the body. Body changes as it were, and fuel begins to burn fat as energy instead of carbohydrates. You burn all popular terms fat while you lie on the couch and watching TV and while you sleep at night because fat is now your primary source of energy or your body’s primary fuel. Talking about it is healthy / unhealthy eating fat is a little pointless, because it depends on what you eat greasy with. Eating a lot of fat while you eat many carbohydrates is still an unhealthy and fattening combination. But of course we are just not when we eat Low Carb High Fat.

    Would you like to immerse yourself more in the underlying theories, I recommend that you read the American science journalist Gary Taubes Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It. The book is a more readable version of his Good Calories, Bad Calories, which can also be recommended if you are going to the bottom. Other books worth reading is this: The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living and The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance (for training on lavkulhydratkost) by Jeff S. Volek and Stephen D. Phinney. (Affiliate links)

    So what should you eat not LCHF?

    Cereals (bread, rice, pasta, oatmeal, breakfast cereals) not even the gluten free ones

    Sugar (candy, soda, cake etc.)

    Beer (liquid bread tale!)

    Fat of poor quality, ie margarine, trans fats, oils rich in Omega 6 (sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil, grape seed oil etc.)

    Food additives, artificial sweeteners, light products with ingredient lists of words that can not be pronounced

    Here below you see a sample of the food you eat on LCHF. It is actually quite simple! The best thing LCHF is

    That one is satisfied, and that have stable blood sugar all day long. A diet with plenty of fat gives them long and stable satiety, and it is the first thing people notice when they switch from a low-fat diet to LCHF. It is a relief for those of us who have lived with unstable blood sugar and who have been forced to eat every 2 to 3 hours for not going sugar cold. Being able to make do with eating three good meals in a day instead of snacking throughout the day can feel like a liberation. Other good side gains more energy, better sleep, fewer mood swings, etc. The list is long.

    And what about the weight?

    Many are looking initially LCHF with the desire for weight loss, and many find that they can lose weight while eating their fill for the first time in their lives. Others find that the weight just stabilizes and that the relinquishing of lift weight up and down endlessly.

    Also read: Lose with LCHF

    Customise lifestyle for you and your life!

    It can be really fine to adjust lifestyles to fit best for you and your life. We are all different and have different needs. However, be aware that you, every time you make your own adjustments, move away from the original idea with LCHF. Do you, for example, that the idea of creating LCHF + bread + diet drinks appeals to you more, you can no longer be confident of the positive side effects you read about here, there and everywhere.

    Do you want to know more?

    Are you curious to learn more about LCHF then take a look at my three LCHF-books that are in Danish. Visit the Swedish doctor Andreas Eenfeldts blog. He has made a nice and free leaflet in Danish on LCHF.

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